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October 2, 2018

Why Clean Beauty?

It is simple. Healthy skin just feels better. 

Most of us hold our skin to pretty high standards. We expect our skin to be glowing and blemish free all of the time, yet we hardly give it the attention that it deserves. We go to sleep in makeup from the day before, wake up, shower… rinse and repeat (you get the drift). I might even go so far as to say that we frequently neglect our skin. How many times have you decided to “just do a quick rinse” or used a convenient bar of soap to wash your face? To make matters worse, we wear makeup! Admittedly, I have almost always been one of those people who can’t leave the house without being fully made up. Gym, grocery store, beach, work, you name it – I am ready for any occasion. I have always found makeup empowering and fun. But, I never paid much attention to my skin. It was just along for the ride. No matter the age, our skin is one of our best assets and we should treat it that way.

Whether we are beauty BFFs or you happen to fall on the opposite side of the spectrum, a clean routine is for you. Why? I had never thought about the health of my skin until I made the transition to a clean beauty, and now… I will never go back. My skin has never looked or felt better. It is one of the easiest ways to incorporate self-care into your day.

How it Happened

It happened over wine with a friend – we started talking about makeup routines. She mentioned that she only wore makeup on the weekends and spent the weekdays au naturale. I was completely confused. Don’t laugh too hard, but it had never crossed my mind everyone might not wear makeup all of the time. Then, she told me about her love of a new skincare brand. Pause. Skincare? What do you mean? My routine consists of Cetaphil and Vaseline to remove eye makeup. 

How had I never considered the composition of my makeup? Why hadn’t I ever taken care of my skin? I learned years earlier to be conscious of the foods that I was eating to help heal chronic pain. So, it seemed natural to start thinking about what I was slathering all over my skin. 

The skin is our largest organ and it absorbs the majority of what we put on it. 

The list of harmful ingredients that I had been using haphazardly to coat my face was alarming. From face wash to lotion, mascara to lipstick, everything contained chemicals that I wouldn’t even put on my worst enemy… and they were being absorbed by my body.

We all deserve to have amazing skincare products that incorporate as many natural ingredients as possible. We deserve to improve the health of our skin. How do you do that? Clean beauty! And you have found the right spot for all of the dirt… the clean dirt! (You will understand that comment later). In the meantime, I can’t wait to introduce you to the best brands, products and some of the incredible people creating the clean beauty movement. 

Overall the transition to clean beauty was a multiple step process for me. I promise to share more about in this post (Link – three steps to a clean routine). For now, here is what you need to know… 

  • Clean skincare products will change the way you view your skin and yourself.  It is naturally empowering. (Like what I did there?)
  • Clean makeup products will leave your skin feeling smoother, healthier, happier and looking better than ever before. 
  • Once you make the change to clean beauty you will wish that you had done it sooner.

Feeling good is addicting. Join the fun. 



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