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October 2, 2018

What is Wellness?

Wellness is a way to find what makes us happy. 


Wellness means achieving a level of physical health, mental health, and spiritual well-being that ultimately leads to self-acceptance. But, the truth is that the word wellness boils down to whatever balance in life makes us the happiest. Wellness can mean a modification to what we eat, a difference in the way that we exercise or a shift in perspective that changes the way that we view life.

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Talking about wellness is important to me because I’ve struggled with all of the things in the list below. Whether it is exhaustion from chronic pain, self-inflicted criticism, or denying my gut instinct, I have been guilty of ignoring my most basic needs. And – I don’t want that for anyone else. 

This is my truth. 

I am guilty of self-inflicted criticism.

I am guilty of malnourishment (not giving my body enough of what it needs and deserves).

I am guilty of not making time for myself.

I am guilty of ignoring my gut instincts.

I am guilty of forgetting to take care of my heart & soul.

It not easy to admit disappointment in myself, or the guilt that I feel. But, that is also why I am admitting it. These things shouldn’t hold us back, they should empower us to grow. We can celebrate each step towards wellness – because each step (large or small) strengthens us. We just need to take one step forward to find happiness. 

So, join me in this journey to wellness. It is what Her Cardinal Rules is all about – embracing our natural badass beauty. By defining wellness in your own words, you will find peace and move past the criticism, pain, and neglect that you have been inflicting on yourself. I look forward to sharing simple tips on how to put yourself first, recipes to help strengthen your body, and stories to feed your soul.  You are a magical, badass beauty. Let’s celebrate it!



  1. I love your wellness definition. Definitely essential in our life. Here to support!

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