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October 17, 2018

A Simple Way To Sneak Self-Care Into Your Day

Our lives are busier than ever. Between work, friends, family, furbabies, how do we make time for self-care?

Self Care, Jade Roller
Self-care can be as simple as drinking hot tea in the morning, or using some of your favorite skincare products.

For years, I have scrutinized over my diet making sure that I ate the best food for my body (plant based, organic and non-GMO, whenever possible). The simpler the better. But, while I was consciously choosing what I was putting in my body, I completely neglected what I was putting on my body. Clean skincare? Self-care? What is that?

So, here’s the scoop – our skin is the largest organ of the body and it is magical. It protects us from harsh chemicals, the sun, and other external toxins every day. It is easy to take our skin for granted. So, my questions is… why not nurture something that does so much for us?

If we start the day with a clean skincare routine, we start the day by making ourselves a priority – nurturing both our skin and ourselves at the same time. Five minutes in the morning blossomed into a beautiful, almost meditative, routine of self-care that I have been practicing for almost two years. Here is my weekday morning skincare routine, or as I call it my “self-spoiling session.”

Self Care, Clean Skincare
Interested in sneaking a little time for yourself? 


Part One:

Before hopping in the shower, I always wash my face.

It might seem excessive, but if you think about the dust collecting on our pillowcases, yesterday’s dirt and grime in our hair…. it’s a good idea to start the day with a fresh face.  Plus, if our pores are clean before we hit the shower, the steam can really do its job.

Part Two:

After the shower, it is time for toner sprayed onto an organic cotton pad.

The cotton pad lightly exfoliates while the toner cools and soothes the skin. This step is incredibly refreshing and makes your skin feel like it is ready for the day.

Part Three:

My morning routine does not consist of a moisturizer. Instead, I use two-three drops of face oil before applying makeup. It is a lighter, fast drying alternative to a heavy moisturizer.

Self Care, Clean Skincare, Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Oil

Oh, and don’t forget to pucker up… especially now that the temperature is cooling down! One of my favorite discovers has been a great lip polish followed by a lip conditioner.  It’s a quick step that leaves you feeling like you are ready to give the day a big smooch!

Sneaking in this simple routine of self-care is a beautiful reminder each morning that we deserve to make time for ourselves.

The final step in my AM self-care clean skincare routine? I set my intentions for the day and enjoy deep sigh of appreciation for the day.

P.S. Let’s make self-care even simpler! Here is a quick list of the products that I am using in the morning. 



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