April 16, 2019

How To Create The Perfect Outfit Every Day

I am pretty sure that you know that I have a love of clean makeup and skincare, but you may not know that I have a complete obsession with getting dressed. Any good outfit consists of a few key components. Let me explain…

How To Create The Perfect Outfit Every Day

1. You need a great base. This can be anything from a springy dress, to denim that fits you just right, or a favorite t-shirt.

2. Wear what feels good on you today. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t force it. Find what suits your mood, pay attention to what that little voice in your heads says… if you feel like your pants are too tight then switch to a dress. There is no reason to start your day off feeling uncomfortable.

There is one question that I always ask myself …

What is the message that I am trying to convey to the world today?

3. Choose makeup that suits your mood AND your outfit. Sure, this sounds incredibly simple… but makeup can absolutely be an accessory. Think of it this way – you can wear jeans, a white t-shirt, a neutral lipstick and rock your natural beauty, OR (if you’re in the mood to be playful) you can spice it all up with a red lipstick. The change from a neutral lip color to a red can take any outfit from day wear to date night.

4. Find some great shoes. Some people might say you should only accessorize with earrings or necklaces – and there isn’t a darn thing wrong with that at all. But, for me – a pair of great shoes can change EVERYTHING.

Shoes are the final step (haha, like what I did there?) to a great outfit. On any given day, I will get myself dressed, do my hair and makeup and then stare into my shoe closet.

When deciding on my perfect shoe, I think about the answer to my earlier question.

  • Am I trying to look sophisticated and reserved? If so, you will find me in a great flat or a closed toe pump.
  • Am I trying to make a statement and be bold? On a day like that, you will find me in an peep toe heel. If it’s a casual day running errands, I will choose a punky sneaker.
  • Am I feeling fun and flirty? This mood calls for an adorable mule with a heel or a wedge.

How does this outfit make me feel?

If it doesn’t make you feel great, or at the very least good, then on to the next! It is okay if the first combination doesn’t work. You should have a gut reaction – it is either a heck yes, or a heck no. On the rare occasion that you feel neutral (a shade of gray), there is a follow up question that you can ask yourself.

Is there something that might make me feel better?

If the answer is yes, go grab that shoe, that shirt, that pair of pants for comparison! Once you get that second item, the answer should come to you immediately. The second shoe may also make you realize that all you need to do is swap your shirt out for you to have the perfect outfit – go do it. At the end of it all, creating the perfect outfit boils down to finding an outfit that has the right energy for you and the day.

P.S. You can see and shop some of my favorite shoes below!



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